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TPN Credit Bureau

Placing the correct tenant in your property is the first step in securing your investment dream. With the help of TPN, there is no need to guess which tenant is the best prospect - our comprehensive reports will tell you everything you need to know about your residential or commercial applicants.

Building your investment dream

There are many moving parts involved in getting the best return on an investment property. But finding the right tenant is more that just one piece of the puzzle - it's everything!
"The essence of an investment in real estate is a good tenant. A good tenant in a bad location will always produce better returns than a bad tenant in a good location"

-- Michelle Dickens, managing director of TPN
Great tenants come in all ages, occupations and styles and not-so-great tenants can be just as hard to pick out in a crowd. Watch this video to find out how TPN can help you secure the right tenant for your property.

Our 3-In-1 Credit Check with Credex® Score

The information recorded on each of your prospects' bureau credit reports can be quite different. TPN gives you the option to choose which bureaux reports you would like to include on each applicant.
  • TPN tenant check
  • Experian® credit report
  • TransUnion® credit report
TPN Credex® score has been developed specifically to provide landlords and estate agents a credit score for the rental industry.
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Tired of having to phone each month for payment?

Collecting rental timeously is one of the most frustrating tasks that busy property managers and landlords have to undertake on a monthly basis. Luckily, using TPN Payment Profile and our FREE notification services, requesting rent is quick and easy.
"Credit Record Alert:Your July Rent has NOT yet been paid and your TPN record adversly affected."
It is truly amazing how quickly all the excuses you receive for late and non-payment disappear when tenants realize their credit profile is being affected. And rewarding your dream tenant with a good credit rating is a great way to keep them in your property.

TPN Database

Join a network of over 10,000 property managers and landlords across South Africa to access the only comprehensive credit report on your potential tenant.


Blacklist your non-paying tenant for FREE on the TPN and TransUnion bureaux. Since we are fully NCA compliant, you can list your tenant without worry.

Recover Bad Debts

When you ex-tenant can't rent property without first clearing their credit record, they will want to contact you to settle their outstanding debt.

Letter of Demands

Use our NCA compliant (NCA section 19(4)) letter of demands to notify your tenant of your intention to blacklist them - sent via SMS, email, fax and post.

Criminal Checks

SAPS criminal record checks help you to select safe, honest and reliable people, while deterring dangerous individuals from renting your property.

Bank Codes

Codes provided by the banks on a current (cheque) accounts history. Let the bank decide whether they think your tenant is good for the proposed rental.

Qualification Checks

Send us the qualifications and we will check with the suppliers to see if the qualification has actually been awarded.

Training & Support

Online, immediate access to reports via our website or your cellphone. National free training sessions will keep you updated with the latest industry news.

NCR Approved

Registered with the NCR (NCRCB08), we are fully compliant with Section 73 of the NCA. Our trained staff will help you stay compliant as well.