Michelle Dickens Managing Director

Dedicated to creating a better environment for property managers and landlords to work in...

I came up with the idea for TPN while working as a rental agent during the late '90s and becoming extremely frustrated when evicted tenants would rent properties in the same complex from other agents.

My partners and I formally started the company in 2000 and the single focus of the company was to prevent habitually delinquent tenants from abusing property managers and landlords by creating a shared database to register these tenants' conduct.

In 2007, with the advent of the National Credit Act, TPN registered to become a credit bureau. TPN was the first credit bureau globally to specialize in the property industry and as such we have created many unique products which do not exist internationally.

TPN has also formed close working relationships with global credit bureaux TransUnion and Experian to further enhance the abilities of our customers when vetting their tenants.

However, our biggest contribution to the property industry has undoubtedly been the creation of a rental payment profile - another global first - which gives tenants the opportunity to improve their credit scorecard whist renting premises.