Rethinking education

Collect school fees faster and smarter,
validate exemptions, vett parents,
verify your teachers.

FEDSAS & ISASA approved

Designed for schools
Every school administrator knows the challenges faced running a school are very different to any other business. TPN has tailored products specifically to the private and public school markets. Together, we are changing the payment behaviour of parents and guardians, and creating a safer environment in which children can learn.
Collect fees faster and smarter
Manage parents and minimise bad debt. Join over 800 other schools and collect your fees on time and in full.
Validate applications

Most schools have thousands of applications each year and long waiting lists. How do you choose which pupils to place in your school?

TPN SmartCheck provides your answers.

Our TPN credit checks provide you with affordability scorecards, exemptions assessments and feeder zone validation to help you make an educated decision.

Verify your staff

TPN has a full range of services to help you employ the right teachers and ensure you are fully compliant with legislation.

Qualification checks
Criminal checks
Sex offences register checks
SACE verification checks

TPN's in-house legal team is studying changes to legislation every day so your school governing body can rely on us.