Most schools have thousands of applicants each year and long waiting lists. How does your school choose which pupils to place?
Our 7-in-1 Credit Check

The TPN SmartCheck® scores data from three different credit bureaus to provide you an affordability assessment. Our unique school fee payment profile history is an indicator of risk for poor collections.

TPN school fee check
TransUnion check
Credit repayment check
Deeds check
Directorship check
Affordability check
Verified employment check

TPN Credex® score has specifically been developed to combine the above information into an easy-to-read report for your school.

Feeder Zone Check

The stress associated with applications can cause an anxious parent to take extreme measures, like falsifying their address, to get into their school of choice.

TPN has developed a system where we validate the information which has been provided by the parent. This allows the school to categorize the applications and request further information for non-validated documentation.

Exemption Check

Applications for exemptions can be highly emotional both for the applicant and the school governing body.

TPN's income estimator can assist you in taking the emotion out of the decision. We look at the applicants credit history and you will quickly know if the applicant qualifies for full, partial or no exemption.