Tired of not having recourse against parents who are not paying their fees? 70% of schools list collections as their biggest challenge. TPN has the instant solution to your cashflow problems.
Encourage payment

TPN's school fee parent payment history is another world first. Fully integrated into your school system, we collect the data associated with your parents and send them an alert via SMS of how their credit record has been updated.

"Credit Record Alert:Your July fees have NOT yet been paid and your TPN record adversely affected."

It is truly amazing how quickly all the excuses you receive for late and non-payment disappear when parents realise their credit profile is being affected.

Demand letters

TPN sends Schools Act compliant letters of demand, on your behalf, via registered or normal post and email. Following our guided online process, you can quickly act on non-payment in a legally binding manner.

A letter sent by TPN motivates an instant response from parents.


A parent's financial status can change significantly over the course of a year. This can affect school fee collections and parents continued right to exemptions.

TPN delivers you with a monitoring report on a monthly basis indicating any positive or negative changes affecting the parents credit score.