Don't become a headline. Sexual abuse by staff in schools has risen by 230% in the last 5 years. Check your staff today.
Sexual offences compliance

Section 41 of the Sexual Offences Act requires all school staff (teachers, coaches, administrators, groundstaff) to be checked against the Sexual Offences Register. The Childrens Act, section 126, requires all school staff to be checked against the National Child Protection Register.

Both of these registers are based on criminal convictions.

TPN's biometric criminal check provides details on all convictions and cases awaiting trial. And, for your convenience, TPN can arrange biometric capturing at your school.

Qualification checks

Qualification fraud has been listed as one of the biggest challenges in the South African employment market.

South African tertiary institutions have responded by creating a centralised database of qualifications and enrolments.

Get a list of all your teacher's qualifications online and in real time without manually having to verify the documents.

Verified employment checks

Staff who work at schools tend to remain in the education sector when changing employers. TPN collects verified employment information from schools across South Africa.

Avoid hiring staff with embellished or misrepresented CV's.